Let’s introduce ourselves: Mélissa Whitton and Vincent Déry. We are Les Détailleux, marketing partners for SMBs, start-ups and professionals. We like to define ourselves by our attention to detail, but also by our creativity, our high accessibility, and our results-driven approach. With our combined skillset, we’re a powerhouse of a team!

Mélissa Whitton

Co-founder & Strategist

Dynamic, ambitious, and tireless, Mélissa is a born communicator with the innate ability to nurture trusting relationships. Her human approach and strategic vision allow her to build unique experiences and seize new market opportunities for our clients.

Before co-founding Les Détailleux, Mélissa played a key role for over 10 years in developing strategies and managing marketing projects for various SMBs. Let’s just say that she understands their reality and knows how to adapt to their needs, no matter how vast and unpredictable they may be.

Vincent Déry

Co-founder & Strategist

An actuary by training and a creative mind at heart, Vincent’s eclectic path to marketing gives him a powerful asset in this digital age. Drawing on a new perspective on web data analytics and a proven talent for finding insights, he’s able to offer solutions that are both innovative and measurable.

A strategic thinker with a keen business sense, Vincent recognizes the importance of creating value for our clients. The best part is, he can also put a number on it.

Why work with us

Surrounded by expert collaborators, we spare no effort to help entrepreneurs as passionate as we are to succeed. We make use of our time and complete skillset to ensure that businesses stand out through marketing in all its forms. Our approach is human; we are close to our clients and work hard to make them shine.


Contact us

We’re here for you, without any intermediary! (by phone / text message / email / quick contact form)